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Licensing & Vehicle Background Checks

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Vehicle background checks are a simple and effective way of uncovering the underlying details about a vehicle that can make or break a second hand purchase.Driving license verifications provide all interested parties with the ability to validate the legitimacy and accuracy of a driving license that has been presented.Get legitimate and accurate information about the ownership, SAPS clearance, roadworthiness and a host of pertinent information about a vehicle in one simple check.

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Why Licensing & Vehicle Background Checks are important

Many job positions require specific licenses or certifications to perform certain tasks legally and safely. By conducting licensing and vehicle background checks, employers can verify that potential candidates possess the necessary qualifications and are compliant with industry regulations. Hiring unlicensed individuals could lead to legal liabilities and jeopardize the company's reputation.

Hire qualified candidates

Assess a candidate's driving history and identify any past incidents or violations. This helps in evaluating the candidate's risk profile and ensures that only safe and responsible drivers are hired, reducing the risk of accidents and associated costs.

Verify previous positions held

Safeguard your assets from potential misuse or theft by only hiring trustworthy individuals for positions that involve using company-owned vehicles or equipment, or sensitive information. Hiring those with a proven track record helps to maintain a positive employer brand and gain the trust of clients and customers.

Mitigate risk to your business

Ensuring that candidates have valid licenses and clean driving records in order to minimizes the risk of on-the-job accidents; protecting both the employee and the employer from potential harm and financial losses.

Dots360’s Licensing & Vehicle Background Checks solutions

Whether you need to check one candidate’s work history, or hundreds, Dots360 helps you scale your screening process and reduce administrative burden. We combine a simplified candidate workflow with advanced technology and a team of experts to provide timely, accurate employment verification checks.

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In any backgrounding screening due diligence, fingerprint capturing is legitimately used to determine a candidate's identity.

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