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Know Your Employee. Hire Quality Candidates

Confirm a candidate's previous employment, screen their social media activity & get additional insights into their work history.

Why go the trouble of pre-employment screening and employment background checks?  The simple answer? To protect your workspace culture and your business's assets and interests from the adverse consequences posed by the 'dark underworld' of unsavoury employees and contractors who lurk undetected.  

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Why Employment Background Checks are important

Verifying a candidate's employment history plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety, security, and integrity of the workplace. These checks involve validating an applicant's personal, educational, and employment history, as well as conducting criminal record searches.

Hire qualified candidates

Identify potential red flags in an applicant's history, such as a criminal record or previous instances of workplace misconduct. This background screening helps to reduce the risk of hiring individuals who might pose a threat to the safety and well-being of other employees.

Verify previous positions held

Gain valuable insight into a candidate's past employment behaviour and work ethic. Prevent scenarios of hiring an individual with a questionable background which could lead to negative publicity and damage your employer brand.

Mitigate risk to your business

Make more informed hiring decisions by selecting candidates who are a good fit for the organization and less likely to leave the position quickly. Confirm the accuracy of an applicant's education, work experience, and credentials, ensuring that the individual possesses the skills and qualifications necessary for the role.

Dots360’s Employment Background Checks  solutions

Whether you need to check one candidate’s work history, or hundreds, Dots360 helps you scale your screening process and reduce administrative burden. We combine a simplified candidate workflow with advanced technology and a team of experts to provide timely, accurate employment verification checks.

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