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Your first order of business - when it comes to recruiting - should be verifying an individual's criminal record (aka a Police Clearance Report).

Our criminal record check process is completely cloud based and suitable for individuals and companies looking to uncover the existence and nature of any illicit activity against the name of an individual you intend on building a relationship with.

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Why Criminal Record
Checks are important

Criminal Record Checks are an essential component of background screening for employers due to their significant role in ensuring workplace safety and security, as well as fostering a trustworthy and reliable workforce. (Any information obtained from these checks should be used judiciously in conjunction with other factors to make fair and objective hiring decisions).

Hire qualified candidates

Identify potential candidates with a history of criminal behavior and assess whether an applicant's past actions could pose a threat to their colleagues, customers, or the overall company. Criminal Record Checks help preserve an organisation's reputation.

Verify previous positions held

Evaluate candidate honesty and integrity by gauging the honesty and willingness to take responsibility for past actions should they disclose that they have a criminal history.

Mitigate risk to your business

Selecting individuals who are more likely to contribute positively to the overall work environment. Hiring candidates with a history of criminal behavior can disrupt team dynamics, reduce productivity, and lead to increased absenteeism or conflicts.

Dots360’s Criminal Record
Checks solutions

Whether you need to check one candidate’s work history, or hundreds, Dots360 helps you scale your screening process and reduce administrative burden. We combine a simplified candidate workflow with advanced technology and a team of experts to provide timely, accurate employment verification checks.

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Give your fingers a real break


In any backgrounding screening due diligence, fingerprint capturing is legitimately used to determine a candidate's identity.

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