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We all have question, so where better to start than here. This page doesn't hold all the answers, but it sure does beat not knowing.

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How do Your contracts work?

Dots360 is available on a month-to-month contract with invoicing billed 7 days after each month of usage and a 12 month contract with 30 - 90 day invoicing options.

How do I cancel services?

Should you wish to cancel or delete your account and profiles, you may do so by emailing and you will receive confirmation of your cancellation within 24 hours.

Can I choose specific features for my account?

Dots360 is flexible enough to hand-pick features and background checks to keep you and your team focused and productive, have a chat with an account manager to learn more.

Do you offer credit facilities?

We are not yet registered as a credit provider, but our plans are flexible enough to suite any budget and affordability.

How secure are your facilities?

Extremely! We run our systems on bank-level secure systems, and we conduct rigorous system testing both internally and by 3rd parties frequently, learn more on our info-sec policy.

Have more questions?

Get in touch with an account manager on at we usually respond in well under an hour.