Dots Africa, innovative and solution-driven player in the background screening market has partnered up with renowned service provider, Farosian to offer social media screening. 

The social media check is now available on Dots360; this adds on to the comprehensive list of checks already available on the platform.

“The partnership came about in wanting to give our clients extensive offerings and also a need for more collaboration in the industry.” Ncedo Vilekazi, Dots Africa Product Director

Furthermore, screening of all social media platforms to give a detailed and non-biased result. The evaluation is within all legal and protection of information regulations.

This assessment aims to provide HR and recruiters with a fair measurement of peoples social media behaviour.

“Above all, we’re living during the times of digitalization and social media has become a massive part of daily lives. Even organizations are seeing the need to be in that space; it reaches the masses and gets the message out quicker,” mentions Vilekazi

The expectation is that the number of Facebook users in South Africa is to increase from 16.2 million users in 2018. Facebook continues to be the preferred social media platform in SA, and it’s evident in the numbers.

Have a look at the Media Update Infographic:2019 South African social media stats

The internet and social media are undeniably a part of many peoples lives, whether it’s in a personal or professional capacity. More and more time is set aside for social media, and the platforms are now a means of communicating and sharing.

“Social media and social networking has grown exponentially since 2002, allowing greater access to information, connecting people on a global scale in ways we have never seen before.

We are able to connect and communicate with people across borders with no restrictions. This has led to people having their lives documented in fine detail, online, for all to see. We no longer keep journals or diaries, we no longer have photo albums, all of this is available at our fingertips, through our smartphones and computers.” Farosian

The birth of a social media check was inevitable, people are living their lives on social media, and to be better understand who the person you may be recruiting is by performing a social media check to get the full scope.

Alongside the popularity of social media, is cyberbullying. A couple of years ago we were unable to detect the people we employ as cyberbullies now we can.

South Africans are considered amongst the worse online harassers. Cyberbullying is big in SA and people are able to voice their mean opinions and get away with it because they hide behind a screen.

The image below indicates South Africans as the least nice people online. The stats are based on four categories; behavioural, intrusive, reputational and sexual. Interviews with teens and adults were conducted in all 14 countries, SA, unfortunately, came out top, which ultimately results in us being the worlds cyberbullies.

However, it’s one thing to think you’ve hired the right candidate only to find out they are mean and harmful online. 

The social media screening provides an overview of the persona online and how they interact with the world, which is excellent for any employer to know. 

The results extend as far as being able to pick up if the person is a culture fit for your business. On the other hand, the results can help the companies be more hands-on with their staff, helping them achieve their goals. 

The demand for this check is growing steadily amongst recruiters and HR practitioners, and that’s because it is helping them get more information on candidates and understanding better the person they’re dealing with. 

This check is not to discriminate or alienate people with different views or racial background. It is gathered extensively with the greatest objectivity. 

“FAROSIAN’s core focus is on partnering with businesses to educate and enable positive social media conduct and behaviour. This is done by:

  • Designing, developing and creating innovative and progressive social media policies
  • Creating and delivering social media readiness training
  • Providing social media auditing/ screening reporting “

Here are a couple of benefits of social media screening 

When trying to fill a position, information overload is a thing. The countless CVs and cover letters that flood your desk, and you need to take the time to source the best candidate through all that information. 

Social media screening alongside other checks are good for

  • Reference checking, on some social platforms, professional endorsements are made by former colleagues. 
  • Character/personality reference, social media is a great way to find out how the persons personality type. 
  • Affordable, the check is overly priced. 
  • More in-depth insight, you get information about their hobbies and pet peeves. 

Watch the video briefly explaining social media screening for employment.

As a new player in the background screening industry, with just under ten years experience, we know how valuable it is to bring our clients answers to questions they might not even have yet. 

As a young team, we have the advantage of being innovative and driven to bring aboard continuously partners who strive for the economy of trust, mitigating risk for clients and collaboration that focuses on solutions while always being compliant with the law. 

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