At Dots Africa we are proud of our amazing platform, Dots360.

Three years ago, when we launched Dots360, our goal was to contribute towards the background screening and verifications industry by building what we believe is a trust economy.

Most importantly three years later, that goal is in play and is now more urgent than ever.

Dots360 is not just a set of innovative and convenient features, it is a much easier way of performing checks. It’s your partner in meeting objectives, building relationships, and contributing towards the trust economy.

We are ensuring a safer and positive digital experience for all stakeholders from clients to candidates/subjects.

Our 2020 vision and beyond

As a team, we’re constantly looking for ways to better our offering, that’s why your suggestions and concerns mean more than anything else to us, your feedback helps guide us in building a seamless platform that works for you.

Launching the new website is one of the many accomplishments we’re proud of, mainly because of the intention behind the build, the platform will help us achieve our goals of becoming the fastest background screening company while building an inclusive trust economy and making a significant impact on the industry.

You may have concerns about all this change happening on the new website and platform: Do I need new training? Will this change hinder our daily workflow processes?

The answer is YES! We’re still the same useful Dots360 but better.

We will conclude 2020 stronger, more efficient, and more focused on what matters. Hence we decided to close the year with this launch and its helpful offerings which are and not limited to:

  • Criminal check Booking Engine and DotsSpots- a mobile fingerprint capturing network designed to speed up your criminal record check process. 
  • Responsive Platform- it doesn’t matter what device you are on, Dots360 will be accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop. 
  • Verify Candidate Reports – our free verification tool to provide another round of authentication on a Dots360 report to add that extra layer of security and trust. 
  • Interactive background check reports -view check results statuses when you need them which include a comments function designed for communication within your team or with the Dots Support team. 
  • Volume-based Dynamic Pricing- our platform systematically detects your usage in a given month and reduces your cost of performing those checks automatically. 
  • Much more…

Dots360 is…

A platform that develops and maintains trust and triggers a reciprocating culture.

To sum up, continuous growth and upgrades are essential for a reliable distribution platform that connects official data sources in the country with the people that need them most.

What makes us different

Collaboration with you our client is imperative, so we never lose sight of your needs and how we can serve as your bridge and take you from your business problems to a platform solution that constantly evolves and innovates. Every product we have ever created or will create will be built on the premise of delivering the fastest turnaround times in the industry. What this means for you is that you get the information you need quickly and get to make informed decisions fast that will help your business grow and impact the candidate’s life with a new opportunity.

It began with a logo

To set the tone for the journey of our evolution, we decided to develop our own custom typeface for our logo mark, since nothing else could genuinely convey the uniqueness of our story.

Our custom typeface is named Zoia, a commemoration to immortalize our humble beginnings as Zoia Consulting the registered company which is now known as Dots Africa, this font forms the symbol of our existence. Don’t take it from us here is the rationale from the Chief Designer:

“When you’re starting out, you want to be conservative. The first typeface that was designed for Dots used a ‘dot’ as a reference point, this was to mark the beginning of the journey to be taken by the Brand, as you would know, beginnings are humbling so the typeface needed not to be loud, or draw too much attention to its structure, but compliment the iconography.

Coming in as an underdog and with time carving a reputation for itself, the Dots brand evolved and became more reputable, threatening, and with it, it’s personality needed to communicate that boldness and growing confidence, hence the Zoia typeface we have today, with retreating round edges and bold strokes to illustrate that the underdog is moving into the arena of mastery.” The words of Kwazi Zungu the Chief Design Officer at Dots Africa.

Strengthing the Trust Economy 

“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.” – Stephen R. Covey

Dots Africa believes that trust is the beginning and the end in any relationship, whether it is being personal or business.

Building and maintaining the trust economy is and will always be more than a saying. Dots360 is the vehicle that’s driving the trust economy for Dots Africa.

Above all trust needs to be an inaugural aspect of background screening because sensitive information is being sourced and shared. There’s a need for a trustworthy digital space that all involved can contribute towards.

Resulting in partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships being established, UBUNTU can be part in parcel in our industry. 

V 2 strengthens the trust economy by enhancing features that simplified the background check process. Introducing new features that help you save, mitigate risks and SLAs that exceeded your placement needs.

Innovative solutions to a bland industry

The background screening & verifications industry has been established for many years, over 30 years a to be specific, and has applied the notion of “If it’s not broken don’t fix it”.

As a relatively new player, we decided to take customer care to the next level and bring some much-needed innovation to the game.

Times are changing and so are we

Change is constant, and we’re living in the digital age, shouldn’t your background screening and risk management service provider keep up with the times?

One of the biggest industry pain points we address is the lack of transparency. Not knowing the exact cost of your checks, receiving vague invoices and abiding by unfair regulations that only benefit the provider are amongst our top vigilante mission.

To prove this, with us you’re able to get real-time billing which lets you know how much you’re spending and the number of days remaining in your billing month. Save money by identifying duplicate checks immediately and clone them free of charge as long as you have the appropriate account permissions.

We will send you in-app notifications as well as timely emails when any of our official data sources are experiencing system difficulties, change in pricing and industry-related news.

One App: many great features

We keep upgrading the platform and strive for excellence because we care about being better and looking better.

There was great internal interest in having a platform that did more, had a modern look and feel that gives our clients the satisfaction they deserve.

We went as far as designing our own font because being unique is a huge priority of ours. We want to be distinguishable in every detail no matter how big or small.

Therefore we built this platform to solve problems that you have been experiencing before we came into the scene.

The candidate is our priority

The candidate/subject under scrutiny plays a valuable role in the background screening process.

Consequently, most times they are seen as a means to an end, that’s not the case with Dots360 we recognize them as the key to the lock, they are more than the golden thread that flows among us as a consideration they are the PRIORITY and thus have features that accommodate meaningful way.

The Social Media check is a non-biased and objective offering. The results are formulated by checking all social media platforms that an individual is active on and comes up with a score/rating of their online interactions giving you a risk assessment of that individual

This way, everyone involved in the recruitment process has a factual digital depiction of the nature and character of the person which leads to more positive and rewarding experiences.

Great Features  + Unique User Experience

We’ve gone and made our unique features better!

Our bold and user-friendly dashboard is the silver lining you’ve been waiting for; it gives you an unambiguous, overview of what’s going on in your account. You get to see how much of your budget is available, and a system interactions log that shows you when and how your team members are utilizing company account.

We are giving you vital information all in one place.

No BS just effectiveness

Our native App alerts & notifications are now more interactive and supports multimedia.

Constant informative communication with our clients is amongst our most significant priorities, and that’s why our alerts and notifications are straight to the point.

When you’ve performed multiple checks on an candidate/subject; you’ll be able to see the status of each check and have a view of which ones are nearing the SLA or reaching the expiry date.

Pick from the multi-purpose user list and allocate roles to your team, limit them only to perform the checks they need. Assign tasks on the platform while tracking their user activity.

A comprehensive list of Dots360 features

Even though we have competitive pricing we believe that a background check is a background check regardless of the supplier and the features that support the screening process are really what separate us from our competitors. are unique to Dots360 empathize the importance of having innovative background screening platforms that serves the people that use them daily.

Innovation and trustworthiness is a lethal combination that makes everyone involved accountable and contributors to the trust economy.

Dots360 Feature List

Access & Platform
SSO Access: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Outlook
User Limits
Background Check Engine
Native App Alerts & Notifications
OCR Subject Detail Capturing
Digital Consent
Colour Coded Check Results
Trust Score
Facial Recognition Image Matching
Interactive Reports
Status & Management Dashboard
Subject/Candidate-based Status Dashboard
Risk Exposure, Usage & Behaviour Analytics Dashboard
Automatic Duplicate Check Detection
Flexible Record Export
Assign & Manage Teams
Assign & Manage Watchers
Multi-tiered Users Profiles
Instant Messaging & Comments
Account-wide Broadcasting
Report Cloning
Accounts & Billing
Real-time Billing
Self-service Payment Methods
Budget Limiting & Distribution
User Profile Verification & Integrity Tools
Credit Facility
Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Add-on Device
Support & Security
AES 256 bit Encryption
Knowledge Center & Community Forum
User Ideas Portal
Customizable Feature Suit & Billing

Bank-level Security = Trust Economy

We are very aware of the sensitivity of the data that we handle since our primary business is in the distribution of personal information and we are confined by the regulations of the National Credit  Act as well as other legislation including but not limited to:

  • Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA)
  • Promotion of Access to Information Act

Our adherence to these is supported by a robust information security policy which is audited by the National Credit Regulator on an annual basis and supplemented by the following security initiatives: 

  • We use Extended Validation SSL with 256-bit encryption
  • The platform is hosted on a Tier one Cloud Service – Azure Cloud
  • Encrypted data at rest
  • SSL for Data in Transit, Authentication and Authorisation (A+ SSLLabs rating)
  • IP Access Restrictions
  • Limited login attempts and stringent password policy
  • Enforcement of two-step authentification
  • Permission-Based User Roles
  • Internal Monthly Penetration Tests
  • Bi-annual Independent Penetration Tests
  • Our entire site, blog/Knowledge Base, payments pages and help sites are all served off secure servers, making it harder to perpetrate phishing attacks
  • Should any security incident occur, a detailed incident report is developed and shared with the client
  • All POPI protected data in our system is transmitted through high-quality security protocols and is never shared with any external parties under any circumstances
  • All emails & SMS messages are sent over the same encryption the rest of the platform is hosted

… a closing thought.

Strengthing the trust economy keeps us committed to being innovative industry leaders.

In short, we don’t want to be seen as just another service provider in the game but as a partner that serves, educates and learns from every one of our clients.

To conclude, that’s why our platform had to be something different and as well as something that has never been done before because we work with a range of individuals and organizations that have different needs.

Our product had to be as useful to a broad range of demands as it possibly could, so we may be a Jack of all trades AND a master of them all, all while at the same time being beautiful and user friendly, this is all to demonstrate how we take pride in our work and service to the YOU.

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