The definition of a community is “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common or a group of people living together and practising common ownership.”

At Dots Africa, being part of a community means being part of a tribe.

We believe community comes; first, we want to contribute to establishing, uplifting and maintaining better communities.

When we say, we’re building the trust economy we’re making sure it translates far beyond digital. And the change is present in real life, especially in environments that need it most.

DotsCares is our community 

Our passion for helping individuals and organizations with background screening & risk management extends to our love for assisting communities in need.

DotsCares is a separate entity to Dots360.

A non-profit organization that is under the Dots Africa brand and is thus our Corporate Social Investment.

It’s more than that, it’s part of the building blocks of Dots Africa and not an added department to tick a box.

DotsCares primarily operates to assist in less affluent communities; we don’t just provide aid for one day and move on the next.

Dots Africa founders are from these communities; therefore, has a personal desire to see the upliftment of these communities through.

Consistency and support are our top priorities at DotsCares, and the communities we are involved with emphasizing this.

So what does DotsCares do? 

Amongst a growing interest in other initiatives, we help keep a girl in school during their menstrual cycle by providing sanitary towels.

It’s an ongoing crisis in South Africa, and young girls are missing school.

Because they do not have the essentials to see them through this time of the month.

“Our recent fact-check showed that around 2.6 million girls could be affected.” Africa Check.

Meaning a young girl stays at home around 3-5 days in a month because the household she lives in is unable to afford sanitary pads, which is essential for every toiletry list.  

2.6 million South African girls possibly missing school due to a lack of sanitary towels is not acceptable. We commit to seeing that number declines drastically and eventually eradicated.

So, how do you fit?

When you sign up to Dots360, you’re joining a family, a family that puts people and communities first. For every check you perform, 50c goes towards buying sanitary towels.

Our clients’ contributions towards this initiative are essential, and we understand that a more significant impact is achievable through collaboration.

Do you see how you’re directly contributing to the notion that communities come first? That’s very much intentional!

It’s quite unfortunate that sanitary towels are not free or affordable for every household in South Africa.

The prices of sanitary towels range from R13 – R50, which is a costly item for some households that are bringing in less than the average wage.

Innovative screening tools that are efficient help us establish a rooted community with you. Also, it enables the society we’re all in, to help the less fortunate.

What is the value of your check?

By allowing a girl child to stay in school during her menstrual cycle, you are allowing her to get the education she deserves.

So that one day, she can have a direct impact on her community.

There’s no denying that education can play a part in the success of a child and we do not want anything hindering a girls education or progress.

We want to see girls living out their potential and achieving their goals, and the first step we’re taking is by providing them with the basics.

We understand that we may not be the cheapest background screening platform out there; this is mainly due to the variety of features and convenience our platforms provide.

A value that is instantly recognizable and cannot be replicated

Dedicated account management, 360 analytics and budget setting are all features that are unique to us and specifically built to make life easier.


We continuously hear that women are the backbone of society, the inevitable is young girls grow up to be the women who take care of our communities.

“Research indicates that when more income is put into the hands of women, child nutrition, health and education improves.” –UN.Women

Keeping a girl child in school will contribute to putting more income in their hands, ensuring a brighter future.

Women are also dominating in professional areas; they were previously not part of.

Numbers are showing that women are growing and empowering industries they’re in.

Careers24 roughly says, it has been estimated that, on average, science roles throughout the world women contribute only 30%. South Africa is ahead of the curve, with more and more women taking up positions in this field. The percentage of female medical scientists currently stands at 72%.

The importance and impact females have in society; therefore, the need for it to be widely recognized and empowered can, not be a matter of urgency.

Due to the urgency, our first project with DotsCares is providing sanitary pads to keep a girl child in school so she can reach her full potential.

From this initiative, DotCares will grow and establish itself as a partner in communities while building an economy of trust online and offline.

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